Why pi-safe?

pi-safe™ is a full-featured web-based Electronic Medical Record & Practice Automation Software Solution which differentiates itself and stay ahead of the crowded deal-of-the-day market with a suite of easy-to-use yet unmatched efficient features. pi-safe™ ensures that the patient care to be the top priority for a practice/physician with efficient streamlined documentation and revenue cycle management solutions that is alluring to the customer loyalty.

pi-safe™ offers a comprehensive set of software and services for practices to choose from electronic health records, appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, electronic prescriptions, accurate medical billing, claim functionality, and practice management, which in turn satisfies patients and strengthen patient-physician relationships by streamlining day-to-day operations.
pi-safe™ provides robust functionality, by which, it proficiently manages immense amount of patient information from patient management to clinical documentation such as medications, labs, and outcome measurement for clinical workflows. In addition to the above, its flexibility, securely place access to endless amount of patient information and records required for documentation and operational needs into the palm of the provider.
pi-safe™ is a scalable software program, which is 100% HIPAA compliant with multi-layer security. Its cutting-edge technology suits the needs from the solo practitioner to large multi-specialty clinics ensuring ease-of-use for end users.
With the coherent and customized services of Medical Transcription, Coding, Billing, and A/R follow up from pi international®, pi-safe™ is a single-window way-out for complete EMR and practice management eliminating the complexity and confusion with the involvement of multiple vendors.